• TheGamingSponge

    Hello all people out there! First of all, this is just for a badge. Second of all, this Wiki is awesome. Third of all, PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • RandomKitten

    Yes, It is a very long name. But on to other news, well, just read the title, ok?

    Ok, I want there to only be two admin, a bureaucrat (Me!) and a regular admin (Perrystar2272). Now, we will have five rollbackers, three of which will be chat mods. If a chat mod gets demoted, they may or may not keep their rollbacker abilities, mattering on what they did (Or didn't) do. You must be a rollbacker to become a chat mod. Now, you might think "Rollbackers aren't that cool", but, in this way, they are. Ok, so, you know on AT wiki how Rollbackers report vandalism to the admin? Well, here, they are supposed to try to stop the vandal (Or troll, or spamer, reaally anything not tolerated here) from doing so. They should only contact an admin to get them …

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  • RandomKitten

    You know...

    August 7, 2012 by RandomKitten

    You know we need more users.... so, tell you friends, tell everyone you know. Also, edit pages. That will help us. I mean, right now, all we have is me, Perry, and pinkie. That's three. That's not enough.

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  • Perrystar2272


    August 6, 2012 by Perrystar2272

    OK,First of all,I'm doing this for the badge. Second of all,I would like to welcome all you people to Randomkitten's Wiki. This wiki is owned by Random (WHAT A SHOCK) and...well,it's a wiki. Yeah,thats it. BYE

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