Welcome to RandomKitten's Wiki! Before you start editing, there are some things you should know:


  1. No Inappropriate Content.
  2. No Cussing, Cursing, or Swearing. No bad words should be anywhere on the wiki. The word crap is acceptable on blogs and in chat, but should not be found in the mainspace.
  3. No Trolling.
  4. No Spam.

Follow these rules and your sure to have a great time.


Here are some things to know about editing and making pages:

  • When a page is made, we would like for you to put one of the following tempates on it:
    • Template:Opinion
    • Template:Creative
    • Template:About
      • Note that these each go on a different type of page. Opinion are for pages that state your opinion. Creative is for pages that are stories or some other creative thing. About is for pages that do not state your opinion and are about a real world thing. About is also used on mainspace pages about you or your internet persona.
  • Categories should not be manually added to a page. Instead you should use a template. There is one exeption though, which is when your page does not fit with any of the templates. You then would add the category "Other"
  • Please do not edit other people's Opinion and Creative pages. You may edit someone else's About page as long as it is not about themselves